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Embassy of Spain
Shawnee Resort
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Natura Park – Dominican Republic
Washington Wizards – NBA
Pollo Campero Corporation – San Salvador, El Salvador
International Student School – Winnipeg, Canada
Reno Hilton
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The Hawaiian Inn

Dance & Diversity Event of the Year 2016
Dance & Diversity Event of the Year 2017
Dance & Diversity Event of the Year 2018
Dance & Diversity Event of the Year 2019

Mayor Bowser & The Office of Latino Affairs 10 Year Celebration of Diversity Award
DC Dance Instructors of the Year 2011
DC Promoter of the Year 2014
DC Dance Instructors of the Year 2015
DC Dance Instructors of the Year 2015
National Dance Party of the Year 2016 
DC Promoter of the Year2016


Fox Television-Ambush Makeover
Washington Post
America’s Got Talent
Univision DC
Fox 5 DC
WLS-TV (ABC) Chicago
Univision DC
Telemundo Channel 64

DC Weekly Venues
Telemundo Channel 64
Lucky Strike, DC 2010-Present
Alba-2018 to Present
Mango Mikes 2003-2009
Cafe Salsa 2005-2008
eCities 2008-2012
Iris Lounge 2012-2014
Cabanas 2009-2013
The Salsa Room

Night Clubs
The Salsa Room
Yuca Night Club
Ortanique Night Club
Cerro Grande Night Club
Bar With No Name
Vibe Night Club
Home Night Club
Senor Tequilas Night Club
Fernwood Hotel
Weinberg Performing Arts Center
Ormaond Beach Performing Arts


DC Bachata DCBX10 The Best Bachata & Salsa Festival Washington DC

DCBX Annual Latin Dance & Diversity 4 Day Conference 

DCBX #1, 2009  Hyatt Hotel, VA Attendance 300+
DCBX #2, 2010 Gaylord Hotel, MD Attendance 1000+
DCBX #3-7, 2011-2015 Washington Hilton Attendance 2500+
DCBX #8, 2016 Renaissance Hotel, DC Attendance 4500+
DCBX #9, 2017 Renaissance Hotel, DC Attendance 5500+
DCBX #10, 2018 Renaissance Hotel, DC Attendance 7000+

DCBX #11, #12, #13, #14 & #15 will happen at the Renaissance Hotel, DC

What is the DCBX Annual Conference? 

DCBX stands for Cultural Collaborators in Dance, Music, Film, Entrepreneurship & Community coming to Do, Connect, Be & eXperience!   Attendees can choose from over 200+ workshops in Latin Dance, Music, Film, Community involvement & Entrepreneurship.

By day choose your educational track.  Nightly the top performers in the World Showcase their talents!  Attendees connect in 8 ballrooms of dancing & diversifying to 8am!    Our goal is to grow to 100K attendees by 2022.  Our vision is to Empower Lives through engaging and inclusive live events.

The Conference Includes:
5th Annual Global Impact Film Festival 
4th Annual Xccelerate “Entrepreneurs Conference” 
4th Annual DCBX Community Excellence Awards 
3rd Annual World Summit & DCBX Latin Dance Competition 

DCBX Ultimate Tropical New Year’s Eve Washington DC 
Ultimate Tropical NYE #1 2012,  Hilton, Rockville, MD 225+ Attendees
Ultimate Tropical NYE #2-6 2013-2016, Double Tree, VA 2000+Attendees
Ultimate Tropical NYE #7 2017 Renaissance DC Hotel 2400+ Attendees
Ultimate Tropical NYE #8 2018 Renaissance DC Hotel 3100+ Attendees

DCBX Ultimate Tropical NYE  #9, #10, #11, #12 & #13 will happen at the Renaissance Hotel, DC

DCBX Ultimate Tropical NYE NYC
2014-Present 1200+ Attendees

DCBX Ultimate Tropical NYE Miami
2014-Present 500+ Attendees

DCBX Ultimate Tropical NYE Chicago 
2017-Present 500+ Attendees

DCBX Ultimate Tropical NYE Orlando 
2017-Present 400+ Attendees

What is the DCBX Ultimate Tropical NYE 

DCBX Ultimate Tropical NYE is the World’s Largest Latin International New Year’s Eve!  Attendees in 5 cities come together to Do Connect Be & eXperience.  Attendees can choose from multiple tracks as they take “The Last Workshops of the Year” on NYE.  Connected through live video all 5 cities experience the unexpected as they ring in the New Year!