What is DCBX 14?
DCBX, currently in its 14th year is a Cultural Conference that brings together Collaborators in Latin Dance, Music, Diversity, Film, Entrepreneurship & food coming together to Do, Connect, Be & eXperience!  The event takes place at the Renaissance Marriott in Washington DC from August 25-29, 2022.  DCBX 11 had over 6,000 attendees from 50 States and 36 countries. 

Internship opportunity with DCBX in Event/Tourism Planning Management-Unpaid, but there is access to the primary DCBX event in August and related events within the DCBX event calendar leading up to the August event in DC.

Organization: DCBX.org

DCBX Interns:  https://www.dcbx.org/intern/

Looking for self-starter with workable ideas but who can also work within the DCBX team to complete the central DCBX  mission. We have a small staff and you will be involved at the ground level. We’ll be looking for candidates who are looking to extract relevant experience from their temporary engagement with DCBX to further their careers in 

Event/Tourism Planning Internship
Dance Studio/Artist Management
Entrepreneurial Business Management
Event/Film Festival Management
Music Industry Management   

The Internship will involve:

-Decision making that supports the mission of DCBX

-Conduct that positively influences and supports the mission of DCBX

-Working with the CEO and COO or Team members on projects that they assign that pertain to the event that is being planned.

-Taking on a special project that will advance the agenda of DCBX and that might qualify you for a recommendation letter or valid work experience. If you are enrolled in a college or university this special project might become the subject matter for a case study report or paper required for class credit.  You would need to check with your academic instructors regarding academic credit for independent study, school credits for DCBX internship.