Randall Gafner
Director of Communications

Randy works within the DCBX group of companies to develop multiple streams of promotional information and content for print, web and traditional media outlets.

Drawing on deep experience in strategic communication, the Washington TV Press Corps and grad school (MA Communication, GMU’14), Randy joins the DCBX team to curate DCBX’s current and future mission to transform lives through visionary, large scale Latin-themed entertainment and dance events.

Fun facts: On his own time he is an intermediate level Argentine Salon Social Tango dancer. His introduction to Cuban On1 Salsa over 9 years ago prepares him for a leadership role on the Latin dance floor and within the DCBX core management.

Additionally Randy is the Amazon best selling author of “Zen and the Art of Making a Morris Chair”. It’s his personal story about the transformational nature of making by hand for the health and wellness benefits. You can find more information at Awaken Creative Potential.com . Resilience, self-actualization, and self-reliance are a few positive results of the focused meditative aspect of hand made objects for ourselves or others.